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Mario Rojas
custom tailor

Mario Rojas is a personalized service world-class men's clothing, resulting from the combination of timeless ancient sartorial process and sophistication of modern styling; all simply to provide a convenient and practical solution for today's professionals.
You should not only adapt yourself in a suit rather make one that suits you. Call us today..!


Measured and cut by a master tailor who then made it entirely, each suit represents many hours of detailed craftsmanship.
handmade quality is evident everywhere, from the fit and drape of the suit to the patterns that match up across seams of the shoulder, pockets, and sleeves.
your personal touches make the suit genuine and unique. You Choose..!

Our Philosophy

"We are the new generation of tailors, combing our ancestor's knowledge with our pioneering spirit, working hard in everything we do. We want to generate contagious energy through our fast and effective craftsmanship and let our customers to know we only have eyes for them.
We truly love this business."

Why Custom

Every client's body frame is unique and we do our best to fit each one well.
We have experience fitting clients of all sizes and body types. The most important aspect is understanding the body contour even before taking the measurements.
schedule an appointment for a private session in your Office or Home or to inquire about our seasonal promotions.

by appointment only

Please call us to schedule an appointment at
(407) 432-8500
We look forward to meeting you.


6316 Neptune st Fort Worth, TX 76179

Mario Rojas Custom Clothiers
6316 neptune st Fort Worth, TX 76179 US
Phone: 407-432-8500 Website: http://www.mariorojas.com