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Mario Rojas is a world class custom menswear service

Each article of clothing is handcrafted from scratch and conveniently brought back to you for fitting within three to four weeks

Mario Rojas is committed to delivering best value a a price that is comfortable to you

After all, you shouldn't just fit yourself in a Suit, rather make one that fits you. Call us today!

"We are the new generation of tailors, combing our ancestor's knowledge with our pioneering spirit, working hard in everything we do. We want to generate contagious energy through our fast and effective craftsmanship and let our customers to know we only have eyes for them. We truly love this business."

Mariorojas - Our Philosophy

Our Labels

Red Label

Quality of Wools Super 80's and 100's This fabric has a classic, hard finish that is best for all weather types and is suitable for every wear because it is more wrinkle resistant than finer wools.

Black Label

Quality of Wools Super 110's and 130's Merino Wool The finish of the cloth enables the garment to breathe in warm weather releasing moisture back into the atmosphere. 130's Merino. Fabric is crease resistant and has superior strenght in any climate.

Gray Label

Quality of Wool Super 150's - Super 220's Fine Wool Yarns are spun and woven to produce a cloth with a silky hand and superb resilence. Very high quality and very costly. Ideal for special occasion suits and the client with an extensive wardrobe.




About Us

Custom made clothing

about us

We offer a wide variety of custom made clothes and custom made shirts products in USA ranging from simple basic shirts all the way to high-end fashion suits to heavy winter topcoats. We also offer custom made shoes. Mario Rojas and his assistant shoe makers will design and exquisitely hand craft the shoe style of your choice. And, they will make sure the shoes fit like a glove. Whether dressing formal to work, or business casual, we offer it all! Member of a private club? We also cater to private fraternities to deign coats with your club crest. Hard to fit? Not a problem. We have experience fitting clients of all sizes and body types. The most important aspect is understanding the body contour even before taking the measurements. Every client's body frame is unique and we do our best to fit each one well. All of our jackets are completely hand-sewn with a "full-canvas front", Bemberg linings and working sleeve buttonholes. Even a personalized label with your name comes with your new suit or jacket! As custom tailor suits in USA, we also offer a wardrobe consultancy service to assist our clients in building their wardrobe to incorporate dressing for all occasions.

Why Custom

Contact Us

If you are located in any city of Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW or out-state please contact Mario Rojas Customtailors to visit your area. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a private session in your Office or Home or to inquire about our seasonal promotions.

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4828 Greenville Avenue Dallas, TX 75206


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